5 crucial benefits of being optimistic :)

Being optimistic obviously doesn’t mean seeing rainbows 24-7. Everything won’t always be great. But #optimism helps us see #newopportunities, learn from different situations and #keepmoving.


Following Zach Cutler, here are 5 crucial #benefits of being optimistic:
1. Optimism is the best choice! Pessimists don’t achieve much.
2. Healthy life. Optimists are not only generally happier and less stressed, but also they have better blood sugar, cholesterol levels, exercise more, have healthier body mass index and smoke less, what was proven by researchers from the University of Illinois.
3. Optimism allows us to learn from failures, see new things and start afresh.
4. It frees us up. Optimism helps us look to the future, saying YES to NEW OPPORTUNITIES, change our businesses and lives, create expansive realities.
5. Only optimistic people can inspire, motivate and engage everyone around them.

Be an optimistic leader, who spreads good vibes in a team and moves things forward 🙂

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