About Me

Certified life coach and mentor, 🔜 psychologist 🫀😊🧠. Great enthusiast of intercultural communication with master’s degree in political science. Moreover professionally active pharmacy technician, caring about nursing homes in one of the most patient friendly Pharmacy in Berlin and a huge fan of small and big exploratory journeys, but above all a MUM of adorable boy 🤱💕 and living proof that you can do what you want in your life, follow your passion, live your dreams and be happy, everyday happy! ❤ \ (•◡•) /

My current goals:

  • Raise my son the best I can.
  • Master’s degree in psychology (clinical specialisation).

I offer you:


I run coaching sessions in  English, German and Polish. My favorite topic is “dreams”, therefore my motto:


Don’t miss your life!

Yours, Roksana