5 tips to help you gain a new perspective.

When comes the time, that you feel like giving up and the only think which you want to do is just throw up your hands and walk away. Don’t panic, just face it. There will be always problems that seem impossible to solve, but they just SEEM to be impossible to solve!

take a break


What you really need in this difficult time for you is change – a change of perspective!

Have you ever stood in front of the mountain and looked up? Astonishing how high and massive they can be. Your problem can look like that.

Now, please remind yourself, how did you feel when you were already on a top of this moutain, how beautiful was the view, how far away could you see and how small seemed everything down below…It’s the most amazing feeling in life. I had this in Himalaya, standing 20,000 feet above sea level 🙂

All what you did and what I did was change position, thereby change the perspective.


Ok, how does it work with ordinary things in regular life, like work, relationship?

Here you are – 5 BEST TIPS to help you gain a NEW PERSPECTIVE:

  1. Take a break from your problem. Step away for a while and do something  new, maybe squash? Relax yourself in a way you love the most.
  2. Start over = Start fresh. Use your old data in your new approach. Time and energy you have spent so far has not be waste.
  3. Break the scheme. Kick you out of routine work, routin thinking. Routine is good if you want get things done efficiently, but if you are stuck it, you are getting bored. Change it! Inject something new into your schedule, it gives you a boost.
  4. Look at your problem from every side and make sure, that you are familiar with every little tidbit.
  5. Ask for help. It’s ok to ask your friend or an expert for some input, because you don’t have to solve your problem alone. They can have some fresh ideas which you can use in finding the solution.



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