How to heal the relationship? The story about journey into yourself, repairing mercedes and seeking the white pebble :)

On the last days of June it rained a lot in Berlin, that you had no joy to leave the house. This cats and dogs weather has brought me into a melancholy mood. Staring at the rain behind the windows and feeling the water droplets striking my face, chest, arms and feet during short walks from house to car, from car to work, from work to meeting and so on. It reminded me of Father’s Pawlukiewicz speech about baptism, where he quotes the words from the Apocalypse of St.John about white pebble with a beautiful name. I call this pebble GEM 🙂 We got it on the day of our baptism and since then this is our center, the center of ourselves, our deepest I, and even if our body is getting old and our weaknesses come into play, our center is imperishable. Our shell is maybe imperfect, but our center does not!
John baptized people with water, but when the water is pouring over our heads, it does not penetrate us, it does not come into us, but only washes your shell. It’s like with the patient who comes to the doctor. The doctor doesn’t say so to him: you know what, you should wash yourself thoroughly and then your disease will disappear, but instead of it he gives the patient medicine.
Why am I talking about this now? Well, since child we’ve been hearing mostly: you’re bad, you’re rude, you’re hopeless, do not run, sit, learn, you’re stupid, you did it wrong, you’re wrong, you’re a fool, you’re nothing, you’re walking zero. Many of us have been already living in guilt since a child, and our parents and school teachers kept constantly reminding us of that we want mostly something bad, that we are guilty, and probably many of us have been carrying this guilty feeling in hearts so far, caring properly for this feeling ourselves or allowing our partner, spouse, “friend”, colleague or boss to do this.
People today want to heal their interior with water from the outside. What does it mean? Well, we think that if we work hard, if we are calm, if we care about the house, if we care about the company, if we live in friendship, if we are open and in the family is harmony we are worth something – that means, my value comes from the outside. We use the rule: tell me how much you earn, tell me what kind of degree you have, what apartment you have, tell me what car you drive, tell me what are your achievements, then I will tell you who you really are. STOP!! My dear friends, each one of us is a beautiful human being, even if it is hard for us to believe. Why don’t we notice it? Because all the mud from cisterns and dumpers was put on our treasure, our gem. The white pebble remained intact, but it was buried so deep, that we don’t experience it.
Nowadays, we rarely support each other in families, we barely remember, that we carry a beautiful treasure in ouerselves. We don’t respect ourselves, we don’t care for the white pebble that appeared in us after baptism, so that it can shine, so that we can GROW. What can we do to make this gem inside of the other person, our partner, our spouse, in ourselves shine? Take care of it! Take care of our own white pebble and take care of pebble in our beloved one 🙂 So stop to remind each other who is more hopeless, stupid or dumb. Start care for your hearts each other. When a man get lost on his way, don’t let him go away so easily, don’t „throw him away” like you would do with an old iron, because if he would be the Mercedes, which broke suddenly, you would first start to repair it, fix it, look inside to check what happend, before you will sale it. So why do you give up easily in a relationship? Why do you resign from your parter or your wife? Why do you reject him/her so quickly, without even trying to make your partership, marriage, spouse, partner better? And what is the most immportant, don’t wait for the change of your friend, partner or spouse, just start with yourself, because what if he or she doesn’t want to start, doesn’t even think about start to change? You have to first look inside yourself, even if you are afraid of it, seeking excuses outside instead of seeking answers within yourself.

the Way

It is hard,but only that you can finde the source of your #life and start to #shine 💎✨



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