How to make fitness a habit in your life?

How to make fitness a habit in your life? Here are 5 simple tips that will change your sport life for the good, FOREVER:
  1. Have a variety of activities and enjoy them (cycling, running, walking, aerobics or zumba classes, squash) it will ensure that you can do something regardless of the weather or time of the day.
  2. Make exercise a priority and non-negotiable! Say NO to excuses!
  3. Exercise first thing in the morning or on a way home. Find a gym, fitness studio on your way to work and always prepare your sports clothes a day before! Put them in your bedroom or hang in the hallway, next to door. It will regularly reminds you about your exerices 🙂
  4. Exercise even when you are too…tired. It energizes us!
  5. Find your in-house personal trainer. It can be your boyfriend, mom, best friend, husband, wife, neighbour (or even smartphone). Just ask! 🙂 Commit to another person. The social aspect of exercise is an amzing source of motivation.

Wish you a looot of  SUCCESS 💪😃🏆



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