When you meet your LOVE you just don’t know where it goes, but you can choose direction where it should go and you will succeed. Just improve the way you communicate 🙂


One of the best tool to do this is writing LOVE letters. Thanks it you can share with your partner your deepest feelings. It will be nice surprise for him, but you don’t have send it to him, you can just keep it for you, it will help you to understand better what do you feel in this particular moment for you.

Here I share with you one of my “love letters” that you will get the taste how it should look like 

My dear,

       Probably You got that kind of letter before, but… this one is from me.I am writing this letter to share my feelings with You. Since about three weeks I feel confused. I have mixed feelings…

      I am frustrated when You are not interested in what I say to You. I am angry that we do not spend more time together. I hate that You do not write me when You wake up and go to bed. I am frustrated that You have to always know better than I do.I am angry that You mistrust me.I hate when You get so upset and I am angry when You mantion your ex-girls.

    I am sad that You are so disappointed. I am sad that You are not happy with your work.I want You to be happy.It hurts to feel your doubts and mistrust. I am sad that You work so hard and You are so busy. I am sad that You are so tired. I do not feel special. I feel like you do not care.

      I am afraid You are working too hard.I am afraid to need You. I am afraid You do not even know why I am upset. I am afreid You do not care. I am afraid of sharing my feelings with You. I am afraid You will reject me. I am scared that I can not do anything about it. I am afraid that I am boring to You. I am afreid of making a mistake. I am afraid of looking incompetend. I am afraid You do not appreciate me. I am afraid I can not make You happy. I am afraid of needing You. I am afraid I am not good enough.

      I am sorry that sometimes I am cold and I do not know what to say. I am sorry that I am not more loving and accepting. I am sorry that I stop trusting You. I am sorry that I am so demanding now. I do not want reject You. I feel embarrassed when I need your attention. I feel ashamed when I need your love.

      I understand that you are tired. You work so hard. I know You are doing your best.  I know You like me. I feel so lucky that I met You. I want to support You. I want You to admire me. I need to be me and I will support You in being You.


I can’t wait to see you!


LOVE -label that never goes out of style! ❤


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