Black Friday sale in love

Can you imagine that you decide to be in a relationship with someone only because this person is good and nice to you? Actually you don’t feel it, but you call it “love” or you just say nothing and you are also good and nice to this person, just like he or she is to you. Most likely sooner or later if she or he will not be more good and nice to you you will also stop to be nice and good. Have you ever been in such a relationship? It felt not good, or? For me it’s like buying love on BLACK FRIDAY sale. It was occasion and you didn’t have to invest much and of course it’s nice to be loved. For some people it sounds “OK”, but is it really ok, like it seams to be? How does it sound to you? Hmm… not nice, does it? So why you are doing this? Why do you choose fake love instead of real one? Why don’t you let yourself find true love? Have you ever wondered? What about your standards? Have you ever asked yourself about this? Please take time and try to answer these questions. Maybe it’s your first small step, but just imagine how far it can bring you in the future. I’m sure you know the taste of real love 😊❤️ Perhaps he or she broke your heart, I’m sorry of you, but believe me it was right. Up there He has much much better plan for you, better than you have ever dreamed in your life. So don’t give up and please don’t cross out LOVE! Release the pain of your past relationships and focus on that what you really want in your life. You have only one chance to live, take it seriously and don’t screw it up 🙂

love = release

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