Who are we to each other?

For some people, we are just test drives, trophies, challenges or additions, side orders that complete their weeks, like a mint leaf on a raspberry cheesecake. Sometimes we are an insurance policy, and sometimes a rollercoaster, where they can forget about wrinkles, taxes or the boss who is an asshole.

For someone we are the Sun, around which thoughts are circling at three in the morning.

We happen to be also casual entertainment, bad conscience, or a memory that will not be said to anyone, or a painful kick that says, “Hey! Grow up!” 

We are smole pieces of other people’s stories, supporters before the main star  of their festival of life appear, like slides hanging in a kaleidoscope of restaurants, streets, shopping malls and clubs.

At the end, we can be everything to someone 🙂


*thank you  Volantification!

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